The Truth About Car Insurance

  • The Truth About Car Insurance

    August 5, 2015

    Insurance is the one thing we buy which we hope we will never use. After all, who wants to be injured or be in an accident.

    But we have to have it, both because the law requires car insurance and to protect us and our families.

    Consumer Reports September 2015 issue has a wonderful article about how insurance company decide how much to charge you. It’s not as simple as you think. Consumer Reports found that insurance companies charge not only based on your driving record, but on your credit score! They also use computer analysis to charge you more if they think you will not notice or will not complain about an increase in premiums. Consumers also reveals the tremendous fluctuation in price from one insurance company to another, and how to fight unfair pricing by your insurance company.

    Take a look at the Consumers Reports from September, 2015. If you’re a subscriber to Consumers Reports, you can click here

    for their July 2015 on line article.

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