Wills and Estates

Estate Planning

At Kenny Chase & Costa, our attorneys, including Ian Hammett, educate Wills and Estatesour clients on the probable outcomes that their families may face if they are no longer able to care for and protect them in the event of death or disability. We show how proper planning can reduce estate tax liabilities as well as protect beneficiaries from future challenges. We will explain the roles played by the fiduciaries you appoint in your estate planning documents, such as an executor, a trustee and a guardian and guide you in the proper selection of these individuals.

A proper estate plan also needs to be implemented effectively. This includes the need to review non-probate assets to be sure that beneficial designations do not undermine the goals of the estate plan and coordination with your other advisors.

Estate Administration

In the midst of the emotion and grief following the death of a loved one, there are significant legal and financial issues concerning that person’s estate estate. At Kenny Chase & Costa, we apply our experience and compassion to assist clients in handling the decedents’ Estates.

We detail for you the responsibilities of a personal representative and guide you through each step necessary to complete the administration process. We educate you on the estate and inheritance taxes that may impact the estate and assist you in minimizing the effect of these taxes.

Elder Law

It is not easy for families to grapple with children having to provide care for parents. Most people are accustomed to being cared for by parents while we are young and then, in turn, caring for our own children. It is not nearly as easy to care for parents and other elder relatives and friends.

For over three decades, the attorneys of Kenny Chase & Costa have helped elder law clients and their families address the unique legal, financial and practical issue of aging. We visit elder law clients in their home and often enlist the help of senior care managers or advisors who help triage any health or living condition issues that the senior may be facing.

Just as you probably would not trust the care of your children to “just anyone,” you should not trust the care of your elderly loved ones to professionals unless you know that those professionals will treat your loved ones with respect, dignity, diligence and the highest integrity. At Kenny Chase & Costa we have been providing the highest level of care to our elderly clients for over 34 years.


Perhaps no duty an attorney can perform is more important than to advocate or represent those who cannot represent themselves. For more than a decade, Ian Hammett has been appointed by the Superior Court of New Jersey, Probate Part (Mercer County) to represent incapacitated persons in full guardianship hearings and special medical guardianship’s. In addition, Ian has represented parties seeking to obtain a guardianship for a loved one, such as a child, sibling or parent, who has suffered an incapacity.

If you have an incapacitated loved one, please contact us to schedule a no-fee initial consultation to explain the guardianship process as well as other potential options.