Business Law

Business LawFor as long as there has been commerce, owners of small and medium-sized businesses have focused on their day-to-day profits, operations and challenges more than contracts, regulations and planning for tomorrow. At Kenny Chase & Costa, our attorneys help our business clients manage their current legal needs, including negotiation of contracts and transactions, resolution of disputes with customers, vendors and competitors, employment and labor issues and navigation of federal, state and local regulations. We also develop business succession strategies for our clients. All too often, business owners do not contemplate an effective “exit strategy” or they do not consider the continuation of the business after their death. Our attorneys often act as virtual general counsel for our business clients. In this role, we draw upon our experience and bring resources from other businesses and professionals to solve our clients’ needs.

If you have a small or medium-sized business and have not had a frank and comprehensive conversation with an attorney about what tomorrow may have in store for your business, the attorneys of Kenny Chase & Costa would be glad to provide a no-fee initial consultation to identify the legal issues that may be just over the horizon. For more information regarding Business Law please contact Ian Hammett.

Located in Hamilton (Mercer County, NJ) , Kenny Chase & Costa represents clients throughout the State of New Jersey including but not limited to Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, and Ocean counties.