OPIOID CRISIS: Who’s Fault; who can help.

  • OPIOID CRISIS: Who’s Fault; who can help.

    December 11, 2017

    OPIOID CRISIS: Who’s Fault; who can help.

    We can hardly read the newspaper, watch local news, open a magazine, without reading about another overdose, another fatality, drugmakers doubling the price of Narcan. This is a crises unlike any we’ve known in this country, working the crack epidemic of the mid-90s. I wonder if this is making headlines now because it’s middle-class white people or dying rather than the victims of crack from 25 years ago, but regardless, people are dying.

    Certain state’s attorneys general are attempting to hold the drug companies responsible for their lack of oversight and transparency in their sales practices and failure to notice that a certain few doctors are prescribing huge amounts of opioids.

    For a thoughtful discussion of this attempt to force drug companies to act responsible, click here: http://letamericaknow.com/view_newsletter_ysk.php?memberid=22152&orderid=656&newsletterid=418&issueid=1712&subscriberid=448160

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